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Combined cooling, heat and power

For this project, we use the power of opposites in our system concept. The control and automation level of the CCHP system (combined cooling, heat and power) of our customer Dachser Logistics in Memmingen stands out for having maximum flexibility and modularity in the system structure. A geothermal well was integrated, which is both an economical as well as space-saving component. A corresponding combined heat and power plant rounds out the overall concept perfectly.Massive-design containers (together with well pumps)

  • Maximum permitted operating pressure: 6 bar
  • Output: 1,200 kW
  • Well water on: 10 (15) °C / Well water off: 15 (20) °C
  • Glycol on 17 (22) °C / Glycol off 12 (17) °C

Absorption refrigerator with NH3-water absorber

  • Required heating capacity: 709 KW
  • Heating/cooling medium: Ethylene glycol 35%
  • Supply temp.: 100 °C / Return temp.: 82 °C / Cooling capacity: 326 KW
  • Supply temp.: -4 °C / Return temp.: 1 °C / Heat exchanger capacity: 1200 KW
  • Cooling water supply temp.: 12 °C / Cooling water return temp.: 17 °C
  • Heat ratio: 0,45
  • El. drive power of solvent pump: 20 KW/cooling water pump and safety circuit: 14 KW
  • All heat exchangers designed as plate heat exchangers

Geothermal well

  • Via our partner Baugrund Süd Gesellschaft für Geothermie mbH

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