Local heating network | Schwabmünchen

Sensible use of CHP waste heat

The groundbreaking ceremony for the local heating supply has now taken place in the Southwest III construction area. After completion, more than 420 tons of CO2 per year will be saved compared to a conventional energy supply. The heating network is around 2 kilometers long and will supply around 450 households with a total connected load of 2,000 kW with sustainable, clean and highly efficient heat. The heat for heating the households is supplied by the specially founded company “Wärmeversorgung Schwabmünchen GmbH”. The shareholders are the town of Schwabmünchen and e-con AG, each with a 50 percent stake. The local heating company is both investor and operator of the plant. The CHP waste heat from Ritter GmbH in nearby Kaufbeurer Straße will serve as the energy source. Completion is scheduled for the end of 2022. With Alois Müller GmbH and e-con AG, the city has brought two partners with great expertise on board.

The heating network is currently being built by GWS GmbH as part of the overall development. The company is also responsible for selling the land. The connection to the network will be integrated into the price of the building plot.

Peter Waizenegger, CEO of e-con AG, explains the energy concept in the context of the successful launch: “Like almost all manufacturing companies, the Ritter company needs a lot of electrical energy. The heat generated during the cogeneration process can often only partially be put to good use in the company. With this concept, we can feed the excess heat into the grid ecologically as well as economically.” A peak load center is also being built to distribute heat and ensure security of supply. With a central buffer storage, peak loads will be balanced and optimal integration of CHP heat will be made possible.”

“Today’s groundbreaking ceremony marks the start of this forward-looking project together with our partners involved. We are pleased to embark on a new and innovative path with this sophisticated energy concept in order to be able to provide our citizens with climate-friendly energy,” Mayor Lorenz Müller points out and adds “The local heating network is designed for further expansion. The peak load center will be built in a modular design and therefore also offers the option of connecting both the businesses in the south commercial area and additional residential units.”

For the users, the central supply via the grid means resource-saving and sustainable heat as well as more space in the future house, as no boilers or tanks are required. In addition, the function of the local heating network is monitored 24/7 by e-con, ensuring an uninterrupted heat supply.

As a specialist in energy consulting and contracting, e-con develops resource-saving and sustainable energy concepts that are individually adapted to local requirements. The focus is on maximum self-power generation as well as heating and cooling with renewable energies. In terms of line construction and installation, these concepts are then realized by Alois Müller GmbH. “In this way, we can offer solutions from a single source that are optimally coordinated with each other. This is an enormous advantage for our customers,” explains Andreas Müller, CEO of Alois Müller GmbH. Because in addition to energy efficiency, cost efficiency is also a decisive factor in the development of each individual concept.

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