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e-con AG handles everything you need to operate EV charging stations at your company. We keep an eye on the whole process, so you can tend to your core business.


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E-Mobility Baufritz

Bau-Fritz GmbH & Co. KG

Baufritz is an innovative Allgäu timber construction company in Erkheim. The eco-house pioneer plans and builds design timber houses with the highest ecological standards, climate-protecting construction…

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Treated heating water (VDI 2035)

In tanks or tankers

Deionised water

Order high-quality, standardised deionised water in accordance with VDI 2035 from us and avoid problems with your warranty.
DI water for CHP plant and biogas applications, deionised water for industrial use, filling water for heating and cooling networks, water treatment plants, desalination, softening and filtration.

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We have faith in a strong future, which is why we put sustainable projects into action with energy and passion day after day. Our services are used successfully in small, private structures, public buildings and even large industrial projects.


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Green Factory

The concept of CO2-neutral production

The reference project that most clearly demonstrates our full range of services is the Green Factory in Unterallgäu, Germany, which we were responsible for planning.
Thanks to a photovoltaic system, combined heat and power plant, pellet heating as well as production processes that have been harmonised with the power generation, its production is nearly CO2-neutral.

The film from VDI ZRE shows the sustainable concept that we developed and implemented together with Alois Müller GmbH and have been maintaining ever since.

The self-sufficient, CO2-neutral factory

At its Green Factory, Alois Müller GmbH offers extensive manufacturing and production services for mobile power stations designed as containers and power module systems. Furthermore, it produces ventilation ducts and technical supply components for plant construction made of steel and stainless steel in a CO2-neutral production environment. And all of this is accomplished in the middle of Germany, in Unterallgäu.
It isn’t a model factory – it’s an industrial company that makes real products and has to stand up to economic competition every day.