Green Airport Memmingen

Green Airport Memmingen

The raw material is supplied by a biogas plant in the region. There, valuable biogas is produced from liquid manure and dung, which is now used in a new combined heat and power plant at Memmingen Airport, saving both fossil fuels and CO2. Bavaria’s Minister of Economic Affairs Hubert Aiwanger officially commissioned the new plant today (Wednesday, February 22), marking an important milestone on the road to a climate-neutral airport.

Nahwärmenetz für Dickenreishausen

Local heat to touch

A few days ago, there was a great response at the Cube Store Lucky Bike. Numerous citizens came to find out about the e-con local heating network and the connection options. e-con has developed a local heating network for the district, which in the future will be able to supply all households with heat from renewable energy.

Bürgerinformationsveranstaltung NahwärmeSteinheim

Local heating Steinheim

There was a large crowd: Numerous citizens came to the village community center to find out about the planned local heating network in the district and the connection options. e-con is developing a local heating network in the community, which in the future will be able to supply all households in the community of around 3,000 inhabitants with heat from renewable energy.

Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria

We are pleased to join Airport Energie Management GmbH as the 300th partner in the Hydrogen Alliance of Bavaria. Airport Energie Management GmbH was founded in 2017 as a subsidiary of Memmingen Airport and E-con AG. The goal of this foundation is to have the airport completely hydrogen…

Landgasthof Zur Post

Who drives to the beautiful Schwangau, has from now on the possibility to charge his electric vehicle at the public charging station at the country guesthouse “Zur Post”. There are 2 charging points with 11 kW each available. The charging stations have charging cables with innovative cable management system,…

Landhaus Brunnen am See

From now on the guests of the vacation-apartments Landhaus Brunnen am See can charge their electric vehicle at the charging-station directly in front of the entrance of Landhaus Brunnen am See. The charging station contains 2 charging points with 11 kW each. With the cable balancer, the car can be charged comfortably…

Regenerative heat supply Memmingen South and Benningen

District heating Memmingen

Everyone is talking about the energy transition. High prices for oil and gas, decarbonization, transformation to CO2 neutrality and security of supply require smart concepts. But how can industry, commerce and municipalities be supplied with CO2-neutral heat in practice?….

Citizen information local heating Steinheim

Steinheim local heating network

Why should a community decide to have its own local-heating-network? What are the benefits for the residents? And how does the plan become a functioning heating operation? Questions like these were answered on July 26 at the Steinheim village community center…