BIM – Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling

The planning tasks involve complex technology and pose a challenge in the coordination of trades. Regular coordination between project managers is necessary. 3D modelling proves to be a very helpful software aid in the project workflow.

Our design engineers and specialist consultants are well versed on the current state of the art of technology and can work with the commonly used data formats and base their specialist planning on that. Experience shows the usefulness of this option, because clients can make decisions quickly based on the simulation of their project and coordinate the work of their respective trades efficiently. We combine the basis of design engineering software with our agile project management. Your idea and our process steps are shown in a manner that is transparent and realistic. Changes are applied in real time and each participant in the project has unlimited access to the state of planning at all times.

We offer the ability to complete projects with BIM. The CAD systems can integrate and export IFC files, which enables us to work on projects with closed or open BIM.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is not software, but a computer-aided planning method. BIM is generally defined as a planning method that includes generating and managing digital, virtual renderings of the physical and functional properties of a building. The building models are an information database for the building. They serve as a reliable resource for decision-making during the entire life cycle, from the first preliminary planning to the dismantling.