Efficient and reliable refrigeration

Staying cool

Modern, well-insulated buildings often require more energy for cooling than for heating.
Likewise, cold water supply has gained increasing importance in more and more production processes. Particularly in the area of refrigeration, planners must bring all their expertise to the table in order to successfully optimise the operating and investment costs of the system. Redundancy also plays a critical role in design.

Today, refrigeration and cooling systems are an essential part of building services engineering.
The continuous availability of fresh food and medical care as well as the ability to refrigerate special rooms, processes and products are fundamental needs.

As specialist planners in the building services engineering field, our expertise is in the following areas:

  • Refrigeration plants (ground and well water, electric and heat-guided refrigeration systems)
  • Cooling water generation plants (wet, dry, hybrid)
  • Chillers with conventional (e.g. R134a, R410A, R407C etc.), low-GWP (e.g. R513a, R32, R1234ze) and natural refrigerants (e.g. CO2, NH3, propane etc.)
  • Process refrigeration plants for industrial and commercial applications
  • Heat recovery from refrigeration
  • Split cooling
  • Cooling concepts for server rooms and data centres
  • Renovation of refrigeration systems (retrofit for R404a and R410a)
  • Cold water, cooling water and refrigeration networks
  • Refrigeration and freezer systems