Energy consulting

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In keeping with the guiding principle “Focus on energy”, we specialise mainly in the construction of complex and large power plants for heat, refrigeration, industrial gases and electricity for industrial and medium-sized companies.

We will focus intently on your company, required energy types and processes in order to discover possible areas of potential. Then we will work with our team of technical experts and make intelligent use of state-of-the-art technologies to develop efficient, long-term and comprehensive solutions.

  • Optimising your energy costs while complying with all environmental regulations and user comfort
  • Conserving your resources through the use of renewable energy sources
  • Increasing your effectiveness and efficiency
  • Ensuring your overall economic success now and going forward

Energy contracting

Concentrate on your core business

Contracting means you get an efficient energy supply for a fixed price.
The benefits for the builder are many and varied.

As the energy consumer, you commission e-con AG to supply useful energy in the form of heat, cooling, electricity, etc. There is no risk for you here. e-con AG takes on the risk for you.

We finance, operate and maintain the energy generation systems and any peripheral equipment under the agreed conditions. Furthermore, the availability and reliability of the energy supply is guaranteed. The systems are monitored remotely and optimised by qualified personnel – primarily engineers and technicians – on a continuous basis, 24/7.

e-con AG takes over professional support (24/7) as well as all risks of the investment, including operations management, energy procurement risk, maintenance and optimisation, servicing and repair, warranty, energy billing as well as energy-efficient control, monitoring and management of your internal energy applications.

System support

Always in the right range

Our residential environment and personal living area are the focus of our lives. We need to have the right amount of heat, clean water and pleasant baths to feel comfortable. The right heating systems and baths are as unique as the people who use them. We create complete solutions that are tailored to your wants and needs.

Whether you are planning new construction or want to modernise your existing system, we will provide you with quick, reliable assistance and consultation.

Our plumbing, heating and ventilation and building service departments are available to you as an expert partner and offer you comprehensive service from a single source.

Nahwärmenetz Memmingen Installation

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Energy-related assessment

As a result of the decentralisation of the energy supply, supplying heat to buildings using local and district heating networks is becoming increasingly important. Furthermore, the requirements for energy-related standards of buildings are becoming more stringent, and the requirements of the German Renewable Energies Heat Act (EEWärmeG) must be taken into account for new buildings.
As verified AGFW experts in accordance with AGFW worksheet FW-309-1, we are authorised to evaluate local/district heating networks and certify the primary energy factors. The energy-related assessment for district heating in accordance with FW 309-1 may only be issued by an “fp expert FW 609” who has passed the test in accordance with AGFW worksheet FW 609 and has a valid test certification.