State-of-the-art local energy concepts

Efficient and decentralised

The residential building sector can also take advantage of our services. We use decentralised power stations to supply energy to residential areas.

Small local heating systems that use pellets or wood chips, heat pumps or mini-CHP systems satisfy the legal requirements and also help you meet high KfW standards thanks to low primary energy factors.

Reach out to us – we will support you while planning neighbourhoods or multi-family houses, and as always, we will operate the systems with our completely worry-free service package.

A neighbourhood solution in particular creates the opportunity to implement sustainable goals tangibly in the real world. Local and focussed on people.

Intelligent networking of various disciplines is crucial for a functioning neighbourhood solution.
As experts in renewable energy technology, local and district heating, as well as heating and cooling networks, we offer pioneering solutions.

On the right, Hebel Donaupark in Memmingen, Germany is pictured, a new urban district with a diverse range of residential and commercial uses.