Smart charging

The future is here

E-mobility has been part of our everyday lives for some time. Charging infrastructure that is aligned with your expectations is the basis for sustainable, cost-effective mobility right where you need it.

Actively make changes for the long term with comprehensive concepts.
With this in mind, we plan an intelligent, full-service package for the construction of charging infrastructure.

Whether it is a municipality, company, the hotel industry, food service or even a private home, we have a customised solution for every area. Testing the network availability, designing the mains connection, selecting suitable hardware as well as energy management and the connection to an IT backend system – we offer project support right up to the last parking space line is drawn.

The integration of renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaics from GermanPV or battery accumulators, is a given. We take responsibility for performing all necessary construction measures, commissioning the charging equipment, and even maintaining the systems.

Thank you to all our partners who turn visions into action!

Comprehensive solutions

Charging infrastructure

e-con AG completely takes over the planning, implementation and support of the project.

This includes selecting suitable charging units depending on the location and potential customers, performing civil engineering activities, connecting the charging stations to the mains as well as marking the parking spaces.

Our public locations:

  • E-con AG / Memmingen, Schlachthofstrasse 61, 87700 Memmingen, Germany
  • Alois Müller GmbH / Ungerhausen, Gutenbergstrasse 12, 87781 Ungerhausen, Germany
  • Gassner GmbH / Kempten, Daimlerstrasse 20, 87437 Kempten (Allgäu), Germany
  • Allgäu Airport / Memmingerberg, Am Flughafen 1, 87766 Memmingerberg, Germany
  • A2 Boarding House / Memmingen, Dr.-Berndl-Platz 2, 87700 Memmingen, Germany
  • Hotel Alte Post / Mindelheim, Maximilianstrasse 39, 87719 Mindelheim, Germany

Our service

Smooth execution

We offer you comprehensive service.
Our experienced and skilled technicians ensure optimum settings and harmonisation between the individual components of your system to maximise efficiency.

And we are also a knowledgeable partner with regard to account management for your system. We provide comprehensive consultation and work with you to implement the best possible solution.

Our full-service property support ensures that you are never alone in emergency situations. Often, faults and malfunctions in the charging infrastructure have to be rectified as soon as possible.

Furthermore, we advise you in the selection of the right funding programme for your plans and help you with the application.