Recording and allocating

The costs at a glance

We are also a knowledgeable partner with regard to accounting management for your system. We provide comprehensive consultation and work with you to implement the best possible solution.

Accounting management deals with recording and allocating costs which are incurred through the use of the charging infrastructure.

A glimpse into the charging operations:
We give you a glimpse into the charging activities of your charging stations, which take into account the kWh consumption, the costs and, where applicable, the CO2 reductions as well. For each individual charging operation, you receive a prepared and detailed overview of the individual transactions.

You can use our report to track the charging operations of your company vehicle and even your employees and to carry out user-specific invoicing. Taking into account these charging statistics, you can also analyse the charging management to achieve more effective use of the charging columns.

Customised solutions

Access management and rate setting

Management of charging stations and charging cards:
At your location, you can make your own decision about who can use your charging stations to charge a vehicle. You can define beforehand what access you want to give to guests, employees, sales representatives and, where applicable, the public. If you want your station to be accessible to the public, you can set the rates yourself to enable optimum utilisation of the charging station. We issue you configured charging cards according to your wishes.

User management:
Access to your station is enabled by a RFID card/chip. The charging statistics are made available to you by our accounting management for subsequently tracking the reimbursement of the electricity costs. Charging operations carried out against payment are automatically reimbursed to you at a time discussed in advance.
Management of charging cards/chips:
At your request, we will provide you with configured charging cards/chips.Based on this data, you can completely track the charging operations to later explain the invoice to your employee. In addition, these cards can also be used in conjunction with a wallbox within your own four walls. In this case, the charging operation for a company vehicle can be easily reimbursed based on the legal situation.