State funding

Reaching climate protection goals together

The German government has set ambitious energy and climate protection goals. A key component of this policy is the gradual conversion of engine technology to renewable energies. As a result, electric mobility is increasingly coming into focus as an important sector for the automotive industry.

The Climate Action Plan 2050 defined the goal of lowering greenhouse gas emissions in Germany by a total of 55% to 56% by 2030, in comparison to 1990. This plan includes funding publicly accessible charging points with corresponding funding programmes by 2025. The goal of this measure is to build one million public charging points in Germany by 2030.

We advise you in selecting the right funding programme for your project and we help you with the application.

The following funding programmes are currently offered:
• Charging infrastructure funding guideline for electric vehicles
Link to BMVI:
• “Ladeinfrastruktur für Elektrofahrzeuge in Bayern” funding programme (Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Bavaria)
Link to Bayern Innovativ:

Photovoltaic plants

Using the energy of the sun

The combination of solar energy and electric vehicles opens up new, pioneering usage concepts for private homes and companies. Electric mobility has the advantage of being perfectly combinable with renewable energies. Charging stations can be operated using electricity from PV plants.